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AGQTP Consumer and Financial Literacy Professional Learning

The Australian Government has developed a national approach to provide teachers with the knowledge and skills required to deliver consumer and financial literacy learning for students in the compulsory years of schooling. Download our article Consumer Science: Beyond Testing for ideas on integrating consumer literacy concepts into your science classroom activities.

More information about the Financial Literacy project.

Brains Matter podcasts

Podcasts on various issues such as global warming, special relativity, fundamentalism and evolution, origins of robotics, stem cells and more.

Directory of Hands-On Science Centres Worldwide

From this directory you can access science centres on the web. Many of these science centres have interactive, online activities.

Geological Society of Australia

Resources and publications, including online fact sheets, crosswords and much more.

Instructional science mini-films

Explaining such things as how to generate electricity from wind-power, how to make a battery from a potato, what are Bucky Balls, nanotubes and fullerenes?

Primary science - solids, liquids and gases (videos)

A series for primary school teachers explaining in a set of short videos solids, liquids and gases. Produced in the UK.

School science experiments (Qld)

Science and Mathematics Education Strategy for Victorian schools

ABC Teachers' Resource

The ABC and the NSW Department of Education – Centre for Learning Innovation, have produced a Teachers’ Resource which pools all of the ABC science content from TV, Radio & online together into one place where teachers can search for topics/articles.

NASA earth observatory

Satellite images of drought in Australia and various other environmental and climate-related images.

...and image of the day

The Status of School Science Laboratory Technicians in Australian Secondary Schools
Research report prepared for the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

Engaging short talks with animations

Research into science teaching and student engagement  

Water and environmental sustainability

savewater!® has produced three sets of worksheets in line with the new Australian curriculum:

  • Water Savers, on saving water in and around the home for years 6 – 8
  • Carbon Tradies, on environmental sustainability locally for years 7 - 9
  • Climate Change. The Cold Hard Facts, based on documentary for years 9 – 10

These activities sheets and associated teacher’s guides are available to download from


DEECD site which includes information, learning resources, resources to support teacher professional development, policy & guidelines, digital resources and collaborative web-based tools

GLD illo 2.jpgEvery day actions can, and do make a difference

It’s kids inspiring kids and putting their learning into action! Green Lane Diary is a free, national curriculum-linked education program for years 3-7 teaching the stresses our planet faces and empowering children to enact changes at home, at school and in the community.  Running over Term 3, students receive a diary and keep a scrapbook of their actions and projects that are making a difference.



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